Writer’s Guidelines

Interested in guest posting for Ready Amy Fire Away?

I’m looking for your articles/posts on topics that have to do with firearms. These topics include carrying, target shooting, training, hunting, 2A, personal experience, overcoming obstacles, advice, commentary/opinions, etc.

Even though our site tends to have a large readership of women, I accept articles written by both men and women.

If you have a topic you think my readers would enjoy, or have any other questions about writing for Ready Amy Fire Away, please contact me at readyamyfireaway@gmail.com  with Contributor Question in the subject line.

I am always looking for submissions for my Why I Carry series. If you’re a female interested in sharing the story of why you decided to carry, I’d love to see an article about it—the more specific, the better. For example, anyone can say “I carry because it’s my right” or “I carry because it makes me feel safe.” While those reasons may be part of it, what’s your specific story?

Expectations of contributors

Although I do want you to write in your own voice and style, I do have some expectations for posts submitted to the site.  These expectations include the following:

  • Original Content:  All posts submitted must be new and original. Posts must be exclusive to Ready Amy Fire Away — which means the post is not on your own blog or guest posted elsewhere.
  • Word Count:   Posts should be between 800 and 1500 words. If you feel your post needs to be longer than that, we can certainly discuss that.
  • Proficient Writing Skills:   Mistakes and editing errors occur, but please do your best to ensure your submitted post is free of them. Your post should require little editing. Having said that, as site owner, I am free to edit for errors, flow, and space allotted. If I have concerns with part of the actual content but still want to use your article, I will contact you before posting so we can discuss changes.
  • Post Ownership:  You retain rights to your post and any photographs you include, but please do not use an exact duplicate of the post on your own blog or on any other blog. That makes the Google upset and the Google will dock us both.
  • Photographs:  You are welcome to submit your own photographs to be used in the article/post you provide, although it is not required. Photographs you provide with your article will be marked with Ready Amy Fire Away’s logo, but will be credited to you in the caption with a link. This is so that people recognize our branding while scrolling through their feed. If you do not provide your own photographs, I will choose photographs from my own collection to use in your post.
  • Please include a short bio with your post. If you have a firearms related site/YouTube channel/social media presence, you are allowed to link those in the bio.
  • Although not required, it would be great if you would promote your post on social media. Even if you don’t have your own site. Even if you aren’t a blogger. Be proud of what you’ve written! After the post is live on Ready Amy Fire Away, feel free to show it off to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or anywhere else you hang out online!

What you can expect from me

Submissions are generally responded to within two weeks from the date I receive them.

As site owner, I am in no way required to use all posts submitted to me. If I don’t feel your post is right for our site—which could be for any number of reasons—I will inform you via email and you are free to submit that post elsewhere.

If I plan to use your post, I will let you know via email. Upon acceptance, my intention is to have your post live on the site within 30 days. If for some reason it will be longer than 30 days, I will contact you via email.

Ready Amy Fire Away’s posts are kept in constant circulation, so your post will be seen regularly on social media for the lifetime of the site—which I hope will be a very long time. Having said that, some posts are promoted more heavily on certain social media platforms than others. Likewise, some posts are promoted more at certain times of the year.

To submit your post

Please email your post to readyamyfireaway@gmail.com. I’m excited to see what you’re sending! Thanks for your interest!