Welcome to Ready, Amy, Fire Away

There are a lot of people out there (gals especially) who want to get into firearms but don’t know who to ask. Too many gun communities (especially those online) are intimidating to ladies who are just starting out. I’ve seen people laughed off of forums for asking basic gun questions.

Come on, fellas. If you can’t ask, how can you learn?

I hope you will have fun here and that this site will be a resource for you to learn more. Ask questions. Get answers. Join our supportive Facebook community. And carry on.

New on the Site

I love the gun community...but there are some truths to get out in the open. Here are six things I've found to be true of the gun community at large.
Being part of a community of people who respect, appreciate, celebrate (and shoot!) guns is the best! But there are a few truths worth pointing out that will help make ...
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I don’t remember being new to guns. I don’t remember the first time I shot a gun. I do remember going through official firearms training as a tween—test-out day was ...
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Learn the differences between rifles, shotguns, and handguns so you can choose the one(s) best suited for your purpose(s).
If you’re new to guns, you may not understand the difference between the basic types of firearms. Even if you’re not new to guns, your knowledge might be summed up ...
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If you’re interested in guns but find yourself scared to shoot —or know someone who is— it may be caused by one of these reasons.
I’ve run into quite a few people who like the idea of guns. They like the concept of self-protection or hunting. But when it comes to actually shooting, they’re scared ...
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